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Corporate Business

Corporate business

Solutions for companies with a revenue of more than 600 million rubles per year and foreign companies

We will select solutions for your business

Solutions for corporate business

We will open an account online and provide a personal manager who will help solve any of your questions. Payments are credited instantly, and sent every 10 minutes.

  • Standing Orders Fast and convenient way to transfer money to the recipient Standing orders can be generated for recipients both within the bank and to other banks to their own accounts or accounts of third parties Setting up standing orders to suit your needs You can set how the payment amount will be determined and how often orders will be executed

Customize standing orders to suit your needs

Ways to determine the amount of payment

  • Percentage of account balance
  • Percentage of receipts to the account
  • Fixed amount
  • The entire amount in excess of the established balance

Order execution frequency

  • Daily, weekly or monthly
  • Last business day of the month
  • Exact date: one or more
  • Exact time: once or several times a day
  • At the time of replenishment of the account: for example, after receiving any payment, internal transfer or after receipt of payment from a specific counterparty

The documents

  • Rules for the provision of services for the periodic transfer of funds
  • Application for Periodic Transfer of Funds

We will select the conditions for you and help you connect everything

Fill out a short form to apply. This will help the manager to contact you and find the right conditions.

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